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About Auto Clicker:
Free Auto Clickers. Auto Clicker AvtoK is designed to record and replay mouse movements, mouse clicks, and keyboard keystrokes in any applications. Can be used as auto clicker in game. Auto Clicker online games. Auto Clicker AvtoK can analyze the image on the screen.
AvtoK - Auto Clicker for Windows 7 and XP.
AvtoK isn\'t at all difficult to use and the only thing you have to do is to press the CTRL and press the record button, then start working with your mouse on the desktop. Once you decide to end the recording, press the CTRL key and the program\'s interface pops out again on the screen.

Some key features of "AvtoK":

  • Record keystrokes , mouse movements, mouse and keyboard clicks.
  • Possible accelerated playback with the control response of the program or game in which you work.
  • Ability to skip downtime made during the recording.
  • Maintaining records in the file.
  • Work on the entire screen, or in the selected single program.
  • Auto Clicker AvtoK can analyze the image on the screen - a unique opportunity this auto clicker.
  • Auto Clicker loop playback.

Auto clicker tutorial:

Auto clicker

Play - starts playing record. To stop playback, you should press the number 1 on your keyboard.
Save - allows you to save a record in the file.
Open - opens a file for playback with the record.
Reset - allows you to reset the account to start a new one.
Language - change the language.
Help - opens the online help.
Constant color control in a click - when playing, regardless of the control point before installing a mouse click check the pixel color under the cursor to match the color of the recording. To use this option, you must record a slow, that is, when recording to click only when the item under the mouse will adopt its final color when you hover over it, as just before clicking check the color. Used to improve the reliability of the selected options Skip:.
Skip: Stop - skipped downtime when playing with your computer. To improve the reliability is recommended to include an option Constant color control in a click during playback.
Skip: Mouse movements - when playing skips blank mouse movements. To improve the reliability is recommended to include an option Constant color control in a click during playback.
Loop - playing around.
Play (mouse, keyboard) - enable / disable playback of the mouse or keyboard.
Play log - when playing all actions are performed with puppets programs. That is, instead of these programs and files are launched and activated their molds and shows a history of keystrokes in the files and programs.

Manage auto clicker are menu triggered by clicking on CTRL:
Auto clicker

Start recording - starts recording.
Control the color, wait - sets a breakpoint at the cursor when you press on the CTRL. In the box to the right, you can enter a value in seconds that the program for playback will wait until the color of the pixel under the cursor does not match the color of that pixel in the record. Should be used in places where we need to continue the action after something happens on the screen and the time delay is not known. For example opening a web page or the appearance of any buttons or graphics, etc. use in areas with a static color. The default is 30 seconds.
Run a program or file - open a file or run a program with the settings window:
Auto clicker

Screen coordinates - recordings of the entire screen.
Window coordinates - causes panel window allows you to select any program and limits the movement of the mouse during the recording of the selected window and binds not work coordinates to the screen, and specifically to that window. Now it does not matter if during playback window opens, but where was during the recording. The program will find the necessary coordinates. the main thing that did not change the name of a window during recording or playback.
Hide - hide the menu. The cursor returns to the place where the menu was called.

Panel to select the window to which will be attached auto clicker:
Auto clicker

The following advice will help avoid some of the errors:
Option passes "accelerated playback" greatly increases the playback speed, but it should be remembered that the program you are working with can not keep up with your clicks accelerated, so use the acceleration option Constant color control in a click or put controls the color of the menu, but do click only when the color of the element under the cursor will take its final shape and color of the animation when you hover the mouse on it. For example it can be a button continuously changes color with the cursor.
The good result to include only one option Skip: Stop. This results in a smooth and crisp playback, with no downtime, which were in the recording.


Another program

Kibor. Development of bots. Text Recognising. Visual code editor and more
Download Kibor

Full list of functions Kibor

Kibor is a programmable autoclicker, specially sharpened for easy writing scripts and macros for automating actions on the computer. In particular, writing bots to various online games.

Built-in toolkit allows you to work with the graphics of the game directly in the program window getting all the necessary data in seconds.

The scripting language is sharpened to the processing of the image on the screen and programming the keyboard and mouse controls.

In addition, Kibor has an unparalleled visual editor code generator, allowing you to create programs in minutes to users who have no idea about programming. The creation of program code occurs by elementary drawing of the program logic scheme in free style by free lines on the canvas using the pencil tool.

Kibor has a built-in visual text recognition module that allows you to easily and reliably read text information from images.

Emulation of the keyboard and mouse at a low level allows you to keep working under any protection from autoclickers. Also, keyboard and mouse work is supported in minimized and not active windows. The ability to connect external DLLs and use Api greatly extends the capabilities of the built-in language. In addition to interacting with the game using input devices, it is possible to read and write directly to the memory of the game process.

Even if you are not familiar with programming, do not be scared. Bots can be collected from ready-made functions as a constructor without going into their work.

Video of auto clicker:

Example of auto clicker in online games. This video shows the automation activities in the online game with auto clicker. Auto clicker for any games:

Watch the video with Auto Clicker: